Confetti System

csthree Confetti System was created by two designers who share a mutual love of all things New Year's Eve. I wish at least one room in my house was a scrolling display of all of their work. They take that DIY wedding look and makeg it super pro. Their credentials include decorating oodles of art installations, sets for parties, museums, weddings, custom work for galleries and editorial shoots. They also sell their hangings on their site and in stores like Opening Ceremony all over the world. csone CS-MNZ-1-web


Tara Niami

TARANIAMI Tara Niami seems to be a 65-year-old in a 21-year-old's body. She is so damn cute, looks like Lesley Arfin's younger sister. Definitely keep her on your radar. Taranaimitwo


tumblr_mh0qafxTRL1r9e05no1_1280 It usually drives me crazy when I see people going for that fresh out of their painting studio show-off look, when you half know they not so accidentally added a few more strokes on their Carhartts to look like they worked extra hard. Maybe I'm just not as irritable anymore, but I really love this shirt. Found on Andrew Kuo's tumblr.


Myers Collective

myers Found at tenoversix, these clean easy but striking pieces from Myers Collective are great necklaces for anything/everything.