Christmas present of the week II

GAnecklacetwoGAnecklace I guess I have a thing for Gabriella Artigas...Buy me!


Another Feather

ANOTHERFEATHER Handcrafted jewelry designer, Hannah Ferrara has created a line of beautiful timeless pieces that are meant for everyday and everywhere. Check out her line Another Feather and buy everything. anotherfeathertwo

Job + Boss

tumblr_mi01hagNjB1rsc6luo1_1280 Oakland based accessory designers, Job + Boss are home to a whole new game of totes. Most of their products are Shibori-ed and they have a newer line of Oaxaca bags that are stunning. Their totes are bottomed with your choice of leather or faux leather color. I LOVE! tumblr_mh3jmq61ud1rsc6luo1_1280 n_bo_t2tote_salmonblack_oaxaca


End of Winter Swap

swappertwo AH! My package arrived from Olivia on Friday and I was in a full blush opening it. Firstly, the box was perfectly arranged and everything was labeled and beautifully wrapped and everything in the box smelled of a heavenly french perfume. My swap mate is blogger/mother/wife from London who hosts the blog, In Your Best Writing. Olivia spearheaded reopening a winter swap previously hosted by Sofia, her blog is defunct as well as the old swap, but it was a perfect activity for last winter and getting in touch with new girlfriends/bloggers overseas. I am very happy that Olivia reopened it! See below all of my goodies from Olivia! swapperthree Swapperone