Gabriela Artigas


At brunch the other morning I noticed a ring that was a carbon copy of my grandmother's original wedding ring from 1948. It was being worn by a 30-something woman and once I gathered the courage to interrupt her meal, she told me it was made by a Mexico City designer named Gabriela Artigas. As it turned out, it was not her wedding ring and it was surprisingly affordable. Beyond this beautiful and simple ring, Garbiela has a giant array of perfect staple pieces to add to your collection.


dream indigo outdoor quiet space

dream room

Doug Johnston

djthree Doug Johnston, where have you been all my life, you are so talented and I want to own all of your products so badly I am willing to throw out everything in my house to make them all fit. His Brooklyn sewn items vary from usable bags and baskets to beautiful sculptures. All of his products are made of cotton rope and have a nautical way about them. Check out Johnston's other works and collaborations on his site. djone dj2


Christmas present of the week


Found in my top three stores in the world, Mohawk General in Los Angeles, the above jumpsuit by Copenhagen based designers, Baserange is my favorite item of the week. I plan on unapologetically wearing this everyday.


Good Worth & Co.


What better way to say "I want you to move in," than with the gift of a Good Worth & Co. key?




Renne's Yard Sale


I first found Renne's Studio (pronounced WREN) while snooping her Instagram. Renne (Julia) is an accesories designer based in Boston who makes incredible stuff BUT I wanted to write about her for her sample sale site, Renne's Yard Sale. Such a great idea to unhoard your projects that you love, or samples that are just a hair off, or to sell vintage items/fabrics/etc that you dont want to toss but will most likely never use! The pictures featured are some of her Renne's Yard Sale items.