Teenage Bedroom


Full of feelings and dreams and diaries and stashed notes/drugs. Anthropologists and other important science figures need to do a study on the teenage room. Teenage Bedroom is an homage to the rooms that we all had and grew in and left.




On my most recent visit to Los Angeles, I learned that Patty W. Lee, jolly green thumb extraordinaire has been dabbling in Kokedama.

Pictured above is one of her current honeydew melon sized ones. It's truly a sight and growing beautifully. The succulent is Oscularia deltoides. She wrapped the roots in soil and peat moss and then re-wrapped it in sphagnum moss. She wasn't sure of its survival, but it's been going strong! Patty, can you make a blog of all of your gardenings? For more info on Kokedama.


Caputo & Co.

Caputo & Co. is a NY based leather accessories design house specializing in both men's and women's bags, belts, cases and other small leather goods (fine leather goods). Started by Alex Caputo, they've teamed up with Comunicades de la Tierra (click it, very interesting), a group that provides the company's textiles.


Caroline Z. Hurley

Caroline, not only are you a lovely looking woman, you make some of my favorite textiles on the market. Simple, perfect colors, I want to wear only clothes made out of them. Check out her entire collection and other works and spend some money in her shop here.


Dusen Dusen


I've been a long time admirer of Dusen Dusen. Ellen, the founder/designer/namesake of this Brooklyn-born company, is a textile guru. She hits the nail on the head with her fabrics and pieces, which (though I've always loved them) have developed a new maturity lately. Ellen's 2012 collection of shorts/shirts/dresses/bags/all of it should be celebrated and bought by all people.

Check out her collection page to see the latest.


Walnut Animal Society


The Walnut Animal Society has touched the giant soft spot in my heart for stuffed animals, I still share a bed with one and I forced my father to save all of mine from childhood (he made the executive decision to keep the trolls).


These perfectly crafted best friends are made in Winter Park, Florida and each one has a name and story and a little outfit and I'm dying. They are made out of ultra soft brushed wool and the details are on each of them are out of control. They are also reminiscent of one of my other favorite stuffed animal imaginations, Sian Keegan, maybe you guys should meet each other.



Kalen Kaminski & Astrid Chastka of UPSTATE have just released their S/S 2013 lookbook and I am in love/awe/blushing/happy/LOVE with their new stuff! Keep your eyes peeled for their latest lookbook coming soon on their site and share with your rich friends!