Nova is no longer only the name of my favorite science documentary makers. Brooklyn based personalized fragrance company, NOVA, has just launched! Founded and designed by Julia Zangrilli, you can choose from Nova's collection of goodness or have the master scenter make you your own!

Kalen Kalen

NOVA mastered perfumery while studying scents in Paris. Contact Julia to set your personalized scent consultation!


Forest Party


This past weekend I attended a party on Miller Path hosted by the parents of one of my favorite companies, Wild Unknown. After an easy 4 hour commute, we parked our car with the help of one of the featured artists, Jennifer Castle, and then set up shop amongst the skinny trees on Kim & Jonny's fantasy property.


After settling into our camp, we went to the communal lawn that hosted a banquet of food and a bbq station.


Once the dinner party was full, we all set up our blankets at the stage area that was encircled by newly built surround-seating benches in trees. After taking our blankets or bench, we watched a show featuring the wildly talented Lula, a 13 year old aspiring singer/artist (see photo below), Jennifer Castle, Fred Nicolaus, Family Band and Pink Mountaintops. The audience was completely captive for about three hours.


After watching the show, the campers gathered around the largest bonfire in the world at that moment and then proceeded to watch a dark electro-music art installation before going to bed/staying up all night. Please please continue to have these forest party shows, they are important!


photos by Daniel Arnold




Haegue YangEveryone hoards something. One of my major semi-inoffensive craft hoarding items is envelopes with security tint patterns inside of them.

I have kept them for years, hundreds of them, waiting for the light bulb to go off in my head on how to use them.

Haegue Yang has created some beautiful pieces with security tinted envelopes and I just might copycat her beautiful collages.

Click any of the images to see more of Haegue Yang's work.

Haegue Yang


Dead Horse Bay


Last weekend I took a day trip to Dead Horse Bay. It's on the way to Fort Tilden, so you wont miss out on a beach opportunity. DHB is a trash cul-de-sac in the bay that is home to lots of sea glass, most of the glass is smashed, but every ten feet or you will find an intact vintage (or vintage looking) glass bottle, dead sea creatures, flies, and driftwood. It's actually quite eerie.


In the 1800-1900s, this area in Brooklyn was a manufacturing plant that processed dead animal carcasses, including horses (I'm assuming).

I am happy that I saw the actual bay, but it's not mind-blowing. My favorite part was the walk up to the bay, you walk through this secret garden type of path and there are several different paths to chose from.



Karen Lembke

KAREN-LEMBKE_157 Portland born and raised by way of San Francisco and ending up in Brooklyn and doing this journey more than once, Karen Lembke is not just a fine as hell woman. She takes very beautiful photos of places she goes, friends, and laying around. Besides photos, she builds hats and pies, loves cats and is one of the sweetest people who always appears to be concocting some sort of secret plan. KAREN-LEMBKE_83 KAREN-LEMBKE_120 KAREN-LEMBKE_170