There is something so trance-like about watching a kite in flight, or flying your own. The New York Kite Enthusiasts have a very kite-friendly website that shares information about the makings of a good kite, the different models and how to create your own. They also host special kite flying events all across the 5 boroughs and beyond.

making_kite03 After beginning my search for homemade kites, I quickly found that - although many items are shaped like kites or decorated with them - there are literally no homemade kites to be found on Etsy. Someone get on this!!! Kite festivals are a popular form of entertainment throughout the world, in Asia, Europe, Polynesia and South America, to name a few places.

Here is a video of record breaking kite flying event on the Gaza Strip. VIDEO

Here is an easy tutorial on how to make-your-own-kite.


Finally, here is a rad vintage kite making pattern that I came across: Kite Pattern

Shoe Dyeing


The Martha Stewart Craft site features a craft-a-day segment. I love this simple tutorial on how to dye canvas shoes! Follow this link for the tutorial: Shoe Dyeing



I recently met ceramics designer, Reitaka, and took home a few of her sample pieces that I love! She works out of her home in Beacon, New York and her work is simple and practical and stunning. Check out her work for sale on her site and keep your ears peeled for the opening of her Etsy shop.


Below are my new pieces:

Meg Myers

meg meyers terrarium

Handmade in San Francisco with recycled glass, these delicate pieces are ready to hang, display on their own or fill with airplants, gems, shells, etc. Visit Meg Myers' shop on Etsy to see her whole collection.



Barbara Shaum

*photo @jonnybaskin on instagram

I recently came across cobbler and new york local Barbara Shaum on photographer Jonathan Baskin's instagram feed. Barbara has been making leather sandals in the East Village for 60 years! She doesn't have a website, but check out this NYT video and write-up. FUN FACT! Barbara was the first woman to be invited to have a drink at legendary McSorleys!

*photo by Helen Zhang


Holiday Card, too soon?


I know the summertime has just arrived, but I love this holiday card concept created by Tokketok for Frolic! Go to this site for the instructions for the future!


Rifle Made


I know, I know, I talk about Rifle Made far too often, but why wouldn't I? They are the greatest and one of the most consistently amazing companies out there!

They have recently released a new product, one of my favorite products in general, the field notebook. In addition to these, they are also now carrying diaries/journals! Get your feelings ready!!!!



Insert Change Here


Insert Change Here is a benefit show at the Wieden + Kennedy office in Portland, Oregon that is selling some incredible collectibles/wearables/giftables to raise money to expand art education in the Portland public schools. The gallery is showing the items from July 16th to July 27th.

tumblr_m6x4w7LHe01rzbnnmo1_1280 You can stay up to date with the items donated here.