I taste a field trip! Kuroiwa is a Japanese bakery in Brooklyn rolling out the most creative and delicious looking treats. Beyond their basics (which are not basic) they also create one-of-a-kind cookies and cakes that look straight out of a drawing 102 class.


You can also purchase a personalized portrait cookie, perfect for a birthday, a funeral? An anniversary? A break-up day? A bath-salts eat your face cookie day? Or a random day to show your love.



Cook & Gates

One of my favorite Brooklyn dyers/bag designers, Cook & Gates, has just added these perfect emerald and fuchsia bags to their shop! Check their site for other products and, while you're at it, enjoy their blog and FUN!



RapunzelRingBrass_grande I have always loved the idea of saving a lock of hair as a keepsake. It's romantic and timely and you literally have a piece of someone's body that will last forever. In early college, when it was cool to cut your friends' hair for fun, when they didn't care how it turned out, I kept a giant collection of everyone's hair on my wall in Ziploc bags. I loved having it. I had this on my wall for years until my Mom came for a first time visit and told me it was disgusting and forced me to throw it out. I kept one bag of my boyfriend's hair next to my bed.

I have always wanted to incorporate people's hair into jewelry, either in lockets or bracelets. In God We Trust, one of my all-time favorite stores, has created a series of jewelry cast from real hair. Check out the collection here. My favorite ring,pictured above is found here! Have a nice weekend!


Barnacle Bags

I love seeing the featured sellers on Etsy's main page and today's company, Barnacle Bags, was an eye catcher. Lissa Snapp makes lovely waxed canvas and organic cotton backpacks/totes/pouches out of her Lopez Island home studio in Washington State. She is as cute as a button and I love her bags!


Fathers Day!


Last Father's Day I printed an 8 x 10 photo of my Dad when he was around 20 years old looking cool as hell (above photo is not the said photo, but it was the same age) and framed it. After getting the reply "why would I want a framed picture of myself?" I realized I needed to rethink this whole thing. Here are some of my Father's Day gift ideas (yes, some are boring, but some Dads are boring too):

6 weeks of tennis lessons.

A nice leather wallet with cash inside. Who doesn't love cash?
Especially from the person who always takes cash from them.

Vintage "Dad's helping hand" sign. FDtwo

A Joe Namath Doll coupled with some football trophies.


A pocket knife/fake key that says dad on it. knife

A copy of Rich Dad/Poor Dad. il_570xN.327078485

World's Greatest Dad charm.

A plastic version of your family. family

A trip to Japan to see their horse racing.


Closet Visit

*owner of Mohawk General Store, LA 

In addition to being one of the last people to love the Selby, The Closet is a vaguely similar site that I'm fairly certain I've been sleeping on. The website interviews fashion-minded people from sock designers to vintage shop owners and shows photos of their homes and in particular their closets. It's a great way to spend some serious time on the internet. IMG_0222
*owner of Painted Bird, SF & LA



*photo from Animal New York On June 7th 

Tom Fruin's incredible stain-plexiglass watertower will be debuted in DUMBO. It's 14-feet tall and is made entirely from re-purposed materials. Check out Hyperallergic's site for more information on the installation and attend the unveiling on June 7th at 20 Jay Street.


Paper Plants

I came across these perfect little paper plant trees on Eternity Stew, such a great project.

If you have an extra minute, check out the rest of Eternity's site, I love the Pattern drawings section so much.