Wild Unknown Contest!

wild_unknown_tarot_the_magician_large wild_unknown_tarot_justice_large_large

One of my all-time favorite artists/designers/drawers/online stores/mover/shakers is Wild Unknown. They recently created a collection of framed tarot card prints for sale and, for good tarot measure, they are having a give-away on one of my favorite cards in the deck!

Here are the contest rules:
JUSTICE... Since this is a card about karma, we've decided to do a giveaway.
Here's how to win this piece:
1. Find our page on Facebook and make sure you like us if you don't already.
2. Post your favorite picture of a cat being awesome (your cat or any cat), and tell us why you love it! Winner will be picked this Friday, good luck fellow cat-lovers! May JUSTICE prevail.

If you don't win the free card, create your own fate and buy one of the 78 tarot cards. There is ONLY ONE print of each card... so grab your favorite while you can. Each 8x10 archival print is signed and comes in a lovely, ornate vintage frame.



After spending some creeping time on Cabin's tumblr, I came across this great shelf maker who creates an A-Frame shelf to house your plants, miniature trinkets or other special memories. I love them!

A Cabin in a Loft


A Cabin in a Loft is a one-room bed & breakfast treehouse type of room in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It is a beautifully crafted semi-private space in an artist's studio where you are surrounded by plants and crafts and, from the photos, there appears to be great lighting too. You can rent the Cabin on Airbnb. My other current favorite Airbnb rentals are here and here, if you are in dire need of a weekend or a night in Woodstock.



Small Home Studio

I came across this artist at the Artists and Fleas studio in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to the above lamp I admire, made from a vintage mason jar and rubber dinosaurs, she also has an amazing preserved Spider Crab as well as other jarred insects in her Etsy Shop.




While saddened by the recent passing of my Twig terrarium from last summer, I am happy that its time to get a new one! Check out their online store for their latest cute as pie items. The two shown here are my favorites!



Sian Keegan

siankeeganone sian keegan

Sian Keegan is one of my favorite miniature stuffed animal creators who must have the smallest fingers. The bunny and puppy that I bought almost two years back still remain some of my most treasured pieces. Last night I checked up on Sian to see some of her latest projects and she has done it again! With the popularity of succulent plants in full effect, she made, you guessed it, mini stuffed succulent plants!


Check out her Etsy store for everything that she has available and also check out her blog and website to see her other amazing treats.