Caitlin Foster


While endlessly looking at my most favorite recently mentioned Tumblr, Ferengi, I came across the work of Caitlin Foster, a New York illustrator whose meticulous drawings are incredible and so precise that they give me anxiety thinking of drawing them.


Some of her prints are inexpensively available for sale at Little Paper Airplanes.


Ariele Alaska & Isaiah Palmer


While sifting through design/wedding sites for Patty & Ryan's upcoming wedding I came across this perfect six year anniversary gift on Design Sponge. Maybe I am in a particularly sappy mood lately, or maybe their apartment reminded of an old one that I have a lot of fond memories in, either way this definitely made me choke up. The gift is a part of a sneak peak of Ariele Alaska and Isaiah Palmer's Greenpoint apartment. The apartment is also littered with some great pieces including a thesis sculpture that Isaiah created that hangs in their woodshop.



I'm in Love with a Ferengi

leahfiv One of my all-time favorite tumblrs belongs to Leah Bernstein. Leah is an old friend and former co-worker who I keep track of by way of I'm in Love with a Ferengi and who I would love to have a craft night/snack fest with if we ever live in the same town again. Leah's day job is a color coordinator which is made very apparent in her inspiring, beautiful and fun to flip through site.
leahsix leahfourleahtwo leahthree leahten




I know everyone has been crazy about airplants for ages, but they truly make beautiful pieces for your home. My new favorite item is a Native FL bromeliad (fancy airplant name) that has been mounted to a piece of reclaimed desktop (not sure what kind of wood). The edges were compound mitered so when joined the pieces make a concave shape for the plant to rest inside of! I LOVE IT!!

Here is a great link on how to care for your airplant.




I know it kinda sounds like a bad female rappers name, but the story behind the Mizpah jewelry is quite romantic. The term "Mizpah" is an emotional bond between people who are separated (either physically or by death). Mizpah jewelry was created so that the two that are separated will be connected by this piece of jewelry. "Mizpah" also adorns many tombstones as well. The idea of this jewelry is very similar to the "best friends" necklaces.


When I moved away for college 10 years ago, my Grandma, Gran, gave me a Mizpah ring that was given to her by her best friend when she was 15 who moved away with her family. It's definitely getting buried with me someday.


While researching Mizpah jewelry (most of it is quite tacky, sadly) I came across these poker chips from a casino, called Mizpah Casino. A sweet idea would be to buy these vintage poker chips and give them to people that you cherish to carry in their pockets.

mizpah yellow$38 images


Dave Singley

One of my favorite artists, doodlers, back yard pool enthusiast, dog owner and husband to Jo Anne is in an art show!

On Saturday April 21st Dave will be showing along with Elana Adler, Miles Debas and Stephanie Terao. Click above flyer for details.


Under the Stairs

I came across this indoors-under-the-stairs playhouse on apartment therapy. It's such a special private romantic sweet place for a wee one to spend time!