TONIGHT! Come to this all-star cast of female artists (hot as F ones)! There will be wine, great art and hands down the best people watching you will find on a Thursday night. The works of Sunny Shokrae, Keren Richter, Eva Tuerbl, Louise Sturges and Julia Wilczok will be on display, just to name 30% of the cast.


If you aren't too wine drunk/tired you should walk over to the Commodore just in time to grab the FREE Party Bus shipping hundreds to Desmonds Tavern to watch the party band, WORKOUT.


Julie Thevenot

small_wall_necklace DETAILS_WALL_HANGING

I recently came across the work of designer Julie Thevenot on the website for one of my favorite New York boutiques, End Of Century. They currently are selling one of her wall necklaces. Julie also has a line of Ekka necklaces that I love too!

EKKA_simple_version_details_sans_le_fermoir EKKA_thin_version


Cortney Heimerl Quilts

cortney heimerl cortney heimerl
Cortney, the love of my life in Milwaukee just posted her latest quilting project in her Etsy store!!!!!!




While we all anxiously awaited for Winter to arrive and leave, and with it never arriving and real Spring approaching (GIANT SENTENCE!), all I have on my mind is plants and sun and outside. One place that reminds me of this new warmth is Sprout Home. Sprout consists of two stores two doors down from each other located on the border of North & South Williamsburg.


The company originated in Chicago in 2003 and branched out to Brooklyn in 2007. Sprout Home offers an array of products and services including floral arrangement and delivery, gardening supplies, plants for indoors/outdoors, gardening courses and more. The store is so perfectly decorated with hanging plants, terrariums, feathers, and knick-knacks of all kinds, its a true breath of fresh air just being inside of the this well maintained magical shop.


If you are in the Williamsburg neighborhood, this is a field trip worthy shop and you will not go home empty handed.

44 Grand Street, Brooklyn
48 Grand street, Brooklyn


AND if you are as nosy as I am, check out this Design Sponge sneak peak inside of Tara Heibel, one of the founders of Sprout's home.

*photos from Sprouts website and Design Sponge, THANK YOU!


Indian Vs. Indian

Indian Vs Indian

Indian Vs. Indian is an Etsy store based out of Portland, Oregon that sells made to order cots, hammocks, camping stools and pillows, all upholstered with vintage Pendleton or similar wools. The shop also carries reasonably priced vintage wears as well, AND has a sister shop, Scout Vs. Scout, for the little ones!


indiansix indianseven


I Wish I bought You Part III

About every quarter year or so I peruse my Etsy favorites listening to Phil Collins and shed a tear for those items lost...

* vintage fair tickets

buy12 buy13
* vintage science kit / talk to the hand book end

* the most expensive and perfect shelf (still for sale, but just can't do it)

* custom made animal masks

buythree buytwo
* coach bag / red ticking quarter linens

* wood cheese boxes

* dates

* moon chart

* kilim rug needlepoint purse sack



Last weekend I canaled to Amsterdam for a quick vacation! While in my dreams I was riding my bike endlessly everyday, it realistically ended up being very cold so being inside, aka shopping was the itinerary.


The first store that made a impression on me was Fair + Fair. F+F is a non-profit modern homewares shop whose profit goes towards upgrading the housing of those in need. The store is a very narrow 2 story shop filled with unusual everythings. I bought my new favorite blanket/rug/thing to store in the closet there. See below:

IMG_4843 IMG_4593

The next store that grabbed my attention mostly because of the dog in the window was Zublim.


Zublim carries everything from unscarred vintage furniture to beautiful alpaca blankets to childrens toys and lamps and just about all of it.

IMG_4773 IMG_4774
IJ Hallen


The last shopping excursion that took place was to IJ Hallen, a humongous flea market a ferry ride away from the center of Amsterdam. Admission is about 5 USD and with that money you gain entrance to a giant indoor and outdoor pile of garbage. I mean that in the most positive way...sorta. Most tables were heaps of used and unwashed Zara clothing while some tables held once in blue moon gems. I found loads of Mother Mary items and got yelled at a few times for taking photos.



Upstate Quilt Update


Kalen just sent me the updated Upstate quilt, it is Incredible. You are so talented boo! DON'T STOP!!


Orly Genger


Sculptor Orly Genger is knots about rope! All jokes aside, Orly's pieces are stacks and piles of bright and dark colored rope, her work makes you feel like you are drowning or too weak to get out from under a heavy rock. Check out an interview with the artist here and more of her work here and here.