I know it kinda sounds like a bad female rappers name, but the story behind the Mizpah jewelry is quite romantic. The term "Mizpah" is an emotional bond between people who are separated (either physically or by death). Mizpah jewelry was created so that the two that are separated will be connected by this piece of jewelry. "Mizpah" also adorns many tombstones as well. The idea of this jewelry is very similar to the "best friends" necklaces.


When I moved away for college 10 years ago, my Grandma, Gran, gave me a Mizpah ring that was given to her by her best friend when she was 15 who moved away with her family. It's definitely getting buried with me someday.


While researching Mizpah jewelry (most of it is quite tacky, sadly) I came across these poker chips from a casino, called Mizpah Casino. A sweet idea would be to buy these vintage poker chips and give them to people that you cherish to carry in their pockets.

mizpah yellow$38 images

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