Magic Jewelry: Aura Readings

Although this isn't necessarily a craft, I felt that it still fit on this site. A few weekends ago I ventured to Chinatown with Kalen and Daniel and we had our auras read at a place that always seems to be closed, called Magic Jewelry. Downstairs, in a mini-mall full of cell phone stores, is a closet-sized jewelry shop that holds a machine that captures your aura. The shop lady has you sit in a chair and place both hands on top of palm-shaped sensors at the sides of your body. She then takes your picture and you wait about 5 minutes until it is finished developing. She then stands with you and reads your aura. After the reading takes place, she tells you which stones you should buy to support your life. Below are our photos and the interpretations of our auras.

My Aura (above pic): By nature you are positive & energetic, with a comforting, endearing effect on other people. Something that you're holding on to, that you're thinking about a lot, something about love? Makes you feel dark and sad, and cancels out your positivity. Don't worry. You are loved. There is very much love in your life. Love is on your side. You need to let go of the thing that's making you sad. You have stress about your career and you're tired. Also, you have pain or a physical problem "down below." Hold the rose quartz love stone.


Daniel: Tired. Very tired. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. You think too much. About love? Generous. Very generous. You give much of yourself. Stop thinking so hard and anxieties will resolve themselves. Hold the black stone (in the shape of a Dairy Queen double scoop).


Kalen: Very good luck! Worried about career, in transition, but with a very positive outlook and presence. Luck is on your side. You have just finished a project and are entering a new part of your life. You have some anxiety about love, but in a positive way. Stay positive and work will happen. You have pain in your back. Hold the smoky quartz.

We all became believers after our 20 minute aura reading sessions and, even if you think this is mumbo jumbo, you still get an amazing photo for only $15.00!

Magic Jewelry
238 Canal St #108
New York, NY 10013-4128
(212) 343-0663


DIY Wedding

Newlyweds Jillian & Jed are the current award-holders of my favorite wedding of all time. They were recently married at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum and I've never seen a wedding that paid more attention to every little detail. Check out the full story and all of the pictures at Green Wedding Shoes.

Congrats Jillian & Jed! (and thanks to Olivia, bride-to-be, for sharing!)
* Candace & Mark Brooke Photography: Site & Blog


Stackable Rings

My co-worker Yuki was wearing a set of these Nadine stacked rings and they are beautiful. When separated, they look very delicate and when you wear them in a set of 3 or 5 they are approximately the size of a standard band. Check out their Etsy store here!


Duluth Pack


New Summer Backpack!!


Portuguese Bags


With nicer weather crawling upon us, all I keep thinking about is how I am going to spend all of my free time eating picnics and knitting. I recently came across these perfect park baskets on Sarah's blog, SF Bohemian Raphsody (an amazing blog too, by the way).


They are called Portuguese Baskets and seller Toino Abel from Portugal sells them on Etsy! Thanks Sarah!!


Amy Sedaris Video

I LOVE HER (and chipotle and the circus)!


April 16th, 2011

Besides it being Gran's birthday, it is also the Grand Opening reception of the Cold Spring Apothecary! Stacey and Chris Wesselman are opening this amazing shop featuring Stacey's hair, body and skincare product line called Woodland Rose.

Cold Spring Apothecary

Not only will they be carrying Stacey's line, they will also be carrying products from my favorite, Upstate, as well as my terrariums!



High Fives & All

For the past 10 + years I have been amassing hundreds and hundreds of polaroids and I started a site! There are probably pictures of you! Check out High Fives & All!



A few days ago Design Sponge posted a DIY tutorial on how to make Kokedama. Kokedamas are small balls of compost and soil, covered in moss, with plants growing out of them. In this tutorial Design Sponge shows us how to make hanging Kokedama and I love them!



Baggu Collaborations

The Shabd Alexander/Baggu collection is back for another season. I love this line! While I am a huge fan of the original Baggu bags, I especially love when they do collaborations. Another designer I see fitting well with Baggu's brand is Upstate. The hand-dyed Shibori patterns would look great on their bags.

There is also a Brooklyn-based company called Cook & Gates that makes the most amazing canvas dyed bags and pouches.


Love this!

Thanks Nurit!

Pothole Solution

yarn bomb

Great article here, posted by Lost at E Minor, about the evolved Yarn Bombing done by Juliana Santacruz Herrera. I cringe to admit that I am a little played out on people covering lampposts and tree branches with yarn, so its refreshing to see what Juliana is doing.