Knits & Treats


Two of my favorite things in one night! Snacking and knitting!

The City Bakery, home of my all-time favorite croissants, is again hosting the "City Bakery Annual Night of Knitting." Tickets are $45 and include all-you-can-eat and drink cocktails, hot chocolate, dinner and dessert plus all the knitting workshops. The event takes place on Thursday, March 31st from 7-10 pm at 3 West 18th Street between 5th and 6th.

Workshops include:
- Beginner Knitting with Purl Bee and Wool and the Gang
- Doughknit from Brooklyn General and Mochimochi Land
- Spinning with Downtown Yarns
- Blankets for charity with Knitty City

For tickets and more information!



Cat Blankets!

cat blankets

Next Craftnight idea! For the past 10 years, the Compassionate Action Institute has been working with the Center for Animal Care and Control (CACC) instituting the Cage Comforter Program. This program has volunteers/crafters sew very simple blankets/beds for their cats and smalls dogs who are trying to get adopted. The program has shown that when an animal has a cute blanket in its cage, the cat or dog is more likely to be adopted. Once adopted, the new owners get to take the blanket home with them.

The instructions are very simple, all you need is some batting and fabric. You can find the instructions and more information about this program and the CACC on their website.


Two great local places where you can buy a wide variety of fabric are Mood Fabrics in Manhattan and Brooklyn General in Brooklyn. If you do not have access to either, Jo-Ann's has great (and cheap) fabric available online.


Lauren Cawdrey

Lauren Cawdrey

Brooklyn resident and Florida beach kid Lauren Cawdrey is something else. After working in the jewelry business for many years, she decided to secede and start her own line. While traveling extensively in South America she went fishing and caught a piranha. She salvaged its skeleton, created a cast of it and BAM: Jewelry.

She is immensely creative and one of the most fun people to be around. Browse and buy her jewelry here!

Lauren Cawdrey


Cecile Jarsaillon


French artist Cecile Jarsaillon, a well known painter, is now gaining recognition for her embroidery work. She takes photographs and, with satin thread, embroiders the image. Her chosen images range from everyday pictures of children eating lunch to more risque photos of people receiving critical care outside of ambulances, heroin users shooting up and pornography scenes.


Check out more of her embroidery works at Peintures Cecile Jarsaillon


Craftnight: Jewelry and Jersey Shore

jewelry craft night

A new craft night tradition has started this season, where we wrap up crafting before 10 to watch Jersey Shore, for inspiration of course! This last week, we decided to load up on supplies at Metalliferous and Brooklyn Charm and make some jewelry. Nurit crafted the above geode necklace for approximately $16. I made the necklaces below, none of them cost more than $10 to make.

Another project we decided to take a stab at was the Hex Nut Bracelet from Outsapop, featured below and sent to me by Erin Green. At first glance this project looked easy as cake, but it definitely took some major patience and tears to figure it out and finish it.


Somethings Hiding in Here

Recently interviewed for Etsy and featured in the February Issue of Martha Stewart Living for their amazing doll house collection (and being great looking), Shauna and Stephen live a perfect life. The couple are masters of design and taste and they sell bow-ties, mustaches and wooden rings, among other goods, at their Etsy Store. They also feature all of their life's updates on their blog, Something's Hiding in Here. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I have.




unearthen gia bahm

I know I'm late hyping this company since every pretty girl you pass, looking down below her collar bones, 9 times out of 10 she will be wearing an Unearthen piece. Her stuff is the best and she has some great press walking around New York City too.


The necklaces feature a crystal laid inside of an empty bullet shell. Each of the crystals in the line holds different healing and emotional stimulative powers.


Since this line has come out, Gia, the founder/designer has created some even more amazing products including vial necklaces filled with sand or the pacific ocean and prism rings!

For more information on the company. To shop their Site.