Craftnight: Dream Catchers


Last week we made Dream Catchers! This ended up being one of my favorite craft nights so far. Although it was time consuming (project took approximately 3 hours), it was very inexpensive, my dream catcher which is the first one pictured in this post cost about $6.00 to make.


(above) Dream catchers made by Claire


Embroidery loop (we tried binder loops as well but they were much harder to use due to slipping)


Washi Tape

Washi tape is a multi-purpose adhesive tape made out of the Japanese decorative paper called Washi. It is a very lightweight tape and is just right for crafting, present wrapping or just to collect on a shelf. The MOMA store sells a collection of the tape that you can buy here. There are also loads of deals on the tape on Etsy.

MOMA store also sells the cutest tape dispenser for their Washi Tape!



Taylor & Ng

taylor ng mugs

With housewares on the brain, I started doing some research on my favorite mugs, made by Taylor & Ng. Taylor & Ng is a cooking supply company that peaked in the '70s with their series of frolicking animal designs on ceramics. They used to have a department store in San Francisco but now exist only as an online retailer. Their vintage collection is sprawled across the pages of eBay and Etsy, but they have also recently re-released some of their classic designs due to a resurgence in popularity.

(Click on photo to buy)
taylor ng cattaylor ng rabbit orgy
taylor ng baleine whaletaylor ng penguin orgy
taylor ng beartaylor ng panda


Craftnight: Friendship Bracelets


We successfully had another craftnight featuring friendship bracelets. We figured we would start this season off slow with some standard nights with easy projects that always yield usable results. Next week, Dream Catchers!


Craftnight is Back!


After a long hiatus, Craftnight is back in full effect! With the recent Valentines Day holiday we naturally decided to have a Valentine Card Making Craftnight! Besides being a simple and inexpensive crafting experience, it is also a good time to rummage through the pounds of "goods" that I have collected over the years.



Above are the girls hard at work. Nurit decided to make her card on a light box (see figure B).


Kaitlin was definitely the MVP of the event, she brought her "Valentine's Day Craft Stash" saved from college and made 4 cards!


More Kaj Franck!

I couldn't get enough of Kaj Franck yesterday and spent most of the morning googling his fine work. Well done!

To buy go here!


Kaj Franck

Vintage Kaj Franck heart bowl! I love this so much, but maybe not $95.00 worth? If you make a little more money than I do you must buy this!


Subject to Change

Tonight! Take a break from your fashion week fasting and come to this art show! Located in the offices of Fathom & Hatch in SoHo at 287 Spring Street. 6pm-10pm.

Featuring works by:
Anthony Cudahy
Daniel Arnold
David Cook
David Horvitz
David Torch
James Moore
Jesse Hlebo
Jessica Findley
Joe Jagos
Justin Worsdale
Kate O’Connor
Megan O’Hearn
Morgan Blair
Nick Gazin
Rob Corradetti

For more information


Valentines Day!

I may lose some street cred when I admit that I really like Valentines Day, but I'm gonna go ahead and do it anyway. You see high school kids on the subway wearing pink, carrying those single roses in saran wrap, I just love it. Here are some things that I found online that would be perfect for your boo:

1. Make a Shadowbox

2. Go snowshoeing

3. Make a time capsule

4. Send an anonymous love letter

5. Adopt a kitten

6. Get a locket

7. Buy a weekender bag and...

8. Fly to Tulum, Mexico and go canal floating!


Devorah Arnold

Devorah Arnold is a freckled, 20-year-old triple-threat college student from Milwaukee who takes some of my favorite pictures to look at. She goes to school in Madison and if you stop by her house she is most likely smoking pot and reading a cookbook while surrounded by cute guys who are in a band. She cooks, crafts and is a photographer. Check out her photos at You'll Know It When You See It.


Ice Cold Frames

Do you have some amazing drawings or photos just laying around getting ruined? Ice Cold Frames, a brand new framing studio, was founded a little over a month ago by Minnesotans Macdonald Huelster & Joseph Garvey, in Williamsburg, New York. They are two sweet, great-looking guys who are not trying to steal your money. Contact them at kanyewest@icecoldframes.com for an estimate.


These Friends 2


Hi LA! This Friday, February 4th is the ultimate art show at This Los Angeles featuring over 50 artists including the work of Sunny Shokrae, Brian Steinhoff and Louise Ingalls Sturges, just to name a few. I also hear a rumor that there is going to be Karaoke there too! WTF! What a great idea! I wish I lived there!!