Repurposed Drawers


During my daily morning Etsy investigation I came across a great idea for repurposing those wooden typeset drawers. Seller Blue Bird Heaven from Louisville, Kentucky added some mini metal hooks and BAM! you have a great display for your jewelry. She sells them for a good price, but this would be a great craft project too.



Yes Press

Also originating from the Bay Area (hyphy) are the boys that run the Yes Press screen printing shop. Is your band going on tour? Are you having a bachelorette party? This is the perfect place for you! Yes Press will screen print just about anything that you want, t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, aprons, underwear. The minimum order is 12 pieces, but who would want less than that anyways!


San Francisco Part II

On Day II of my SF stint, I woke up at dawn and decided to just start walking. I started my jaunt down Divisadero Street and came across a shop that I had never seen before called Prarie Collective, located at 262 Divisadero St (between Haight St & Page St). This shop is a sort of co-op store that houses three different businesses that, combined, make one amazing store.


(In no particular order) The first of the trio is Magpie & Rye, which sells handmade accessories from various American designers (expect for these amazing pillows made in France that I have to buy asap), all of whom are handpicked by Annabelle Rey, the founder.

The second in the line-up is Studio Choo, two flower designers who not only make the most beautiful arrangements that I have ever seen, but they also will do your wedding, teach flower arranging classes AND they have a great blog segment on Design Sponge called We Like It Wild.

The third leg in this collective is a vintage seller called The Cloak & Cabinet Society. They sell a hodge podge of vintage items making the store just the perfect place.


San Francisco Part I

For New Years Eve 2011, I decided to spend a weekend in San Francisco. Although the trip was only 70 hours long and we were bombarded with rain, cold and major disorganization, I still made it out to some of my favorite shopping spots.


The first spot on my to do list was General Store (their website is currently under construction). General Store is a home goods store run by a husband/wife/dog team.


They sell Pendleton computer cases, airplants, vintage clothing, the new Arkitip and loads and loads of creative knick-knacks. Needless to say, I didn't leave this place without spending over $100, but I walked out with 5 items, not so bad.


Next on my list of places to go broke was The Painted Bird. The Painted Bird is a thrift shop in the mission that carries labels by various independent designers, deadstock jewelry and sunglasses and unique clothing for women and men. It's a small store, so you can go through everything in under 30 minutes, which is a big deal for those of us with short attention spans. There are always the cutest shop girls and clientele, and I have never ever left this place empty-handed, no joke. They have been around for over 5 years and rumor has it they are going to be opening up a store in LA.


The last place I went to on day one was Tartine Bakery. If you haven't heard of or been to Tartine you are living under a giant rock. It's annoyingly busy but, if you have the patience or a friend on the inside, this is definitely a place to check out. They carry the most delicious breads, pastries, coffee and savory foods. They owner was most recently written up in last month's Martha Stewart Living and receives personal gifts from people called Gwyneth Paltrow for his excellence.


Rifle Paper Company

Anna bond, the paper wizard behind Rifle Paper Company comes to us from Winter Park Florida where they have a yearly temperature average of 83 degrees! No Jackets! She has cards for thank yous, sorrys and your kids birthday parties. She also does custom cards and prints where you can have your face painted on a card! All of the cards and prints are handpainted designs and the designer/founder is sweet as cake. While you are at it, you should check out her blog too.


Sian Keegan

I first saw Sian Keegan's work at a Holiday Craft show about a month back. She makes the most amazing and intricate stuffed animals. She hails from Brooklyn, NY and makes stuffed animals, stuffed animal ornaments and digitally printed fabrics. All of the animals are hand sewn from recycled fabrics.

The BEST part for my fellow pet owners is that Sian will make a custom stuffed animal of your pet!! Check out all of her work at Sian Keegan To shop or order a custom made animal check out her Etsy Store.



Coral & Tusk

Coral & Tusk is a Brooklyn-based online store that specializes in embroidery and laser paper cutting. They sell pillows, merit badges, onesies, stationery and everything in between. I met one of the designers recently at a craft show and not only was she sweet as cake, even with 100 people around her table, but she also took the time to patiently chat with me. She told me that, although the embroidery is done by machine, the designs (which by the way are phenomenal) are indeed all originals. They sell wholesale or individual sale.

For more information please go to Coral & Tusk. You can also prank call them at 917.586.3582 or send them a love letter at:

Coral & Tusk
426 Sterling Place, 1A
Brooklyn, NY 11238