Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale

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This Saturday, December 4th, Amy, Yuki and I will be selling handmade ornaments in the annual Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale.

The sale will be from noon until 6 pm at the Martha Stewart Headquarters:

Starrett-Lehigh Building
601 West 26th Street (between Eleventh and Twelfth avenues)

Come and say hi! There will be lots of great stuff for sale!


It Arrived!

I was so worried about my Autumn Swap-mate not receiving her goods, being overseas and all. But Jeska from Lobster and Swan wrote a great snippet about receiving her gifts! Please read here!


Holiday Craft Contest

The Washington Post is having an annual Holiday Craft Contest. Entries are due on Tuesday, November 30th and the grand prize winner will win a whopping $100.00 American Express gift card and also get a feature in the Washington Post. Its def worth a shot! My bootleg holiday terrariums have already been submitted!

For more information/terms/etc click here!! They will pick the finalists and then have an online vote to determine the winner!


Sophie Monet

How is this stuff not being sold at Barneys yet?! Sophie Monet's line hails from Los Angeles, California and is a cornucopia of wood, crystals, gold, brass, turquoise and cork. To buy or see more from her line go to Sophie Monet Jewelry.


Autumn Swap Finale!


My Package has arrived!! My Autumn Swap pal is a woman by the name of Jennifer Sarkilahti who hails from my current city, Brooklyn, NY. She has a jewelry line called Odette full of gold, bronze and copper metal pieces.

When I opened up my #19 mailbox and saw a package from a stranger, my face turned bright red with excitement. I ran upstairs (5 flights, no joke) and frantically opened up the miniature USPS box. Not to sound cliche, but it was EXACTLY like Christmas. Once opened, everything was perfectly wrapped with nice tissue and that great Japanese tape (I will fill in the name of it later, they sell it at Muji).

swapfour swapone

My swap gifts included:

Herbal Tea
A bar of chocolate
A bag of lavender
A "simple" journal
A necklace from Jennifer's line, "Odette"
A roll of the Japanese tape

I cannot wait to enroll in more swaps and look forward to doing this one again next fall! Thank you Sofia!



Come out to the 2nd art auction curated by Allie LaPorte and Chris Barreto at the Gallery Bar in the LES. There are 20 artists including Daniel Arnold, Patrick Buckley, and Annie Simeone.

Free drinks and hot skater boys! Let's do it!


Autumn Swap II

Yesterday I shipped out the merchandise to my Autumn Swap pal. Her name is Jeska, she lives in the UK, takes pictures and has a rad blog called Lobster & Swan, that I have really been enjoying.

Based on her answers from the questionnaire, we couldn't have been more different, which actually made this challenge a lot of fun. I got her a ton of stuff: yarn, tea, chocolate and twine (she collects twine), just to name a few. I am really happy that I found this swap and am anxiously awaiting my package! The only con with the swap was that it ended up being really pricy, the shipping alone was approx 50 bucks!


Calendar Time! Thank God!

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It's new calendar time and I love these calendars from The Wild Unknown and Leah Duncan. Click on the pics to buy them and follow the name links to their respective sites!


Amy Sedaris:New Book and Signing

Amy Sedaris, friend to rabbits, fat-suit wearer and crafter, has just released a book on just that. The book, called Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People is a book that I have not yet read but am hyping it anyways. I am sure it is great. Here is a real review and interview from the LA Times.

Tonight at Barnes and Noble in Union Square, Amy will be signing books.

She also has a craft contest where the lucky winner will get an autographed book and a shirt! A won shirt is never very impressive, but it is definitely worth it for the book. To enter the contest you must "Knit, whittle, glue, wrap, paint or sculpt to craft a homemade gift using found materials and things you already have on hand!" The fine print says that you can indeed spend up to $10.00 if necessary.


Autumn Swap

Sofia from Etre Soi hosts an annual Autumn Swap. The rules are that you have to have a blog and when you sign up you fill out a questionnaire with all of your likes, dislikes, etc. Once filled out, Sofia finds someone to match you with and you send your swap-mate a package to match their taste. I am thrilled that I came across her site in time to be a part of it! I have already started to shop and put together a care package for my Autumn Swap pal.

To get the full scope of the swap check out Sofia's blog post about it here.