Jessie Wright-Jackson


Baker, sketcher, painter, teacher and all around magical person Jessie Jackson is truly lovely to be around. She is an all-around gem, which is appropriate considering that many of her drawings look like abstract interpretations of gems. She hails from Oakland, California and is just about to become a master of teaching.
Check out her blog!


Pendleton Pillows

With pillows and sleeping being high on my current priority list, I came across another pillow maker that caught my eye. I know there are millions, but her stuff is just great. She makes pillows from Vintage Pendleton fabric and blankets. Also, she is a few seconds away from having a baby boy! Congratulations!! Check out her Big Cartel shop here.


Nasa & Etsy


Etsy and Nasa have teamed up and are calling all crafters to create a Nasa space program inspired piece of art. There will be one grand prize winner and three category prize winners. All entries are due by November 2nd. For more information click here.


Kilim Pillows

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Kilim is a textile of many uses produced by one of several flatweaving techniques that are practiced in the geographical area that includes parts of Turkey (Anatolia and Thrace), North Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia and China. Kilims are most commonly used as rugs or carpets and sometimes used as prayer rugs.

I have recently been coming across beautiful Kilim pillows online. To buy them, click the images above or follow these links:

Pillow | Pillow | Pillow | Pillow




Jenny Gordy has cats, amazing taste and makes her stuff out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Her Fall 2010 collection is full of knit cowls. She is also featured in this months Martha Stewart Living. You can buy her items on her Big Cartel site here. Her blog is also most enjoyable.



Dream Catcher

Like most people, I have real trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. On a quest for answers and solutions, I came across the dream catcher. A dream catcher is an object whose base is a circle of wood, commonly willow. The center of the hoop is woven with twine or string into a web and then embellished with personal items and/or beads, feathers, etc.

The dream catcher originated in the 1960-1970s, introduced by the Ojibwa Tribe. The theory behind the dream catcher is just what it sounds like. It's a dream filter that blocks nightmares and bad thoughts from entering while you sleep.

I came across a blog that features a how-to guide to making your own dream catcher. Follow the instructions here. If you want to buy an already handmade dream catcher, I found a great one here on Etsy.


A Common Thread


While fishing around on Etsy I came across this Brooklyn-based seller, Stefanie, who sews, crafts and makes jewelry to distract her from studying for her PhD in cognitive psychology. I love your stuff, Stefanie! Check out her Etsy Store and get on her mailing list.

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City Reliquary Museum


If you've ever wondered what that strange Chinese-take-out-looking establishment is on Metropolitan and Havemeyer, it's a museum! The City Reliquary is a not-for-profit community museum and civic organization located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The museum has hosted various collections, from a collector of pennies to unicorns, to a collection of Mr. T memorabilia and ET figurines. Tonight the Museum is having an event across the street at the Knitting Factory called "Collector's Night." They are expecting approximately 2 dozen collectors to present their goods, ranging from art museum dust to coin purses. Tickets cost $10.00 and you can buy them at the Knitting Factory Site: Here.


Yarn Crawl NYC

This weekend begins the 2nd annual NYC Yarn Crawl. There are over a dozen stores participating in Manhattan and Brooklyn offering discounts and hosting raffles.

Here is a list of participating stores.


Sock Monkey

My first stuffed animal of thousands was a sock monkey that my Mom made herself. One for me and one for my brother John. The famous red-heeled sock used to create the monkeys debuted in the '30s and is a fad that has lasted until recent times. I just bought some vintage Rockford Redheel socks from a yardsale that will one day soon become a monkey.

Here is a video with vague but followable instructions.

Or you can buy one here!



baggutwo bagguone

An issue that I have always had with knitting on the go, is how frazzled my projects always get en route. The Baggu has been the perfect solution, it is simple and a really cute bag too. Baggu was created by a mother and daughter team from California. They have created an American Apparel-style line of bags that ranges from reusable, lightweight shopping bags to canvas backpacks and purses. They come in an amazing line of colors and patterns, and are extremely inexpensive. I just bought a backpack and a purse for under 50 bucks total.