Kiosk is a shop located in SOHO at 95 Spring Street on the 2nd floor. Their mission is to sell products that they have collected while traveling all around the world, and to spread awareness of other countries' aesthetics here in the States. They have a different country on exhibit for approximately 4-6 months at a time, and usually have some runoff from the previous country visited. The current exhibit is called America 3, featuring items from the mid-Atlantic United States and the Tri-State area. You can view their inventory as well as shop on their website.

Follow their blog here!


Field Trip: Part III

The last stop on our tour was Wool and the Gang. The store is located on a quiet street in SOHO, about the size of a large bathroom. It is simply decorated and not cluttered with product. The first thing you notice when you walk in is a giant pair of off-white chunky curtains knit using paper towel rolls as needles. The center of the store houses a large table that has some flyers, maybe a computer and a super cute intern knitting. When we visited, there were three employees in the store, all helpful and down to chat.

Wool is really into non-conformist knitwear featuring a lot of chunky yarns and patterns. Although WATG only has a handful of patterns available they all are very simple to make and extremely wearable. With their simple patterns, great yarns and yarn colors, they are really on the forefront of keeping knitting cool as f.



Field Trip-Part II


After visiting Habu Textiles, we walked over to School Products, located at 1201 Broadway, Suite 301 (between 28th St & 29th St)

School products hosts a variety of yarns, the yarn they have most in stock is called Karabella . Karabella is a line that is manufactured in Italy, and I'm almost certain that the owners of School Products own or partially own the company. They make very nice merino wool, cashmere and alpaca, just to name a few in a wide variety of colors.


The ambience isn't as modern, friendly or organized as Habu, but they do have a wider selection of products.


Field Trip II-Part I


I work for a large independent Yarn distribution and pattern design company in New York City. Every year we sponsor a knitwear student from the Israeli college, Shenkar School of Engineering and Design. When our intern arrived I took her on a tour of some yarn stores in New York City, some well known ones as well as some hidden gems. The first stop on our tour was Habu Textiles.


The store is located on the eight floor of an unmarked building at 135 W. 29th Street, Suite 804. Habu was founded in 1999. They are not only a showroom where you can buy as little as one skein or order for an entire shop, they are also a weaving studio. If you peep behind the curtains to the back room you will find about 4 chic and friendly staff members weaving textiles and knitting.


Although their yarn is on the higher end, they have over 450 different yarns imported from Japan. The unique yarn selection is composed of stainless steel, linen paper, and handspun silk/cotton to name a few in a stunning color palate.


Hey I Made It


Welcome to Earth Ronan Brown! My cousin, Jasmine had her second child last week so I made her a baby blanket. I decided to make the same one I made for her first born Maeve. For the first blanket I used Koigu which is one of my top 3 yarns and amazingly expensive. Instead for this blanket I used 1 strand of Sock-Ease and 1 strand of Recycled Cotton both from Lion Brand.

Maeve and Ronan


Etsy Seller of the Week!



Ruggles Stitch is a seller based out of Chicago. Her stuff is really creative, she even embroidered canvas to look like lined paper! She only has 4 items for sale! Hurry!



Lauren DiCioccio




More Embroidery! Lauren DiCioccio is amazing!! She makes me want to quit my job and get arthritis! Check out more of Lauren's work here.

Project Idea: Emboidered shoes


Linda Gass


Linda creates quilts of aerial views of various landscapes, from a Chevron oil refinery to the wetlands in the San Francisco bay. She hand paints and dyes silk and embroiders the pieces to add texture and definition. I found Linda's work on Poppy Gall's blog.


To see her full art quilt collection and other projects, check out the Linda Gass website.


Julia Swearingen

I've had embroidery on my mind lately. Julia Swearingen, ex-Brooklyn resident who now resides in Tulsa makes amazing embroidered pieces. A "Hey We Made It" fan sent me her work to check out and I love it! Check out her site!


Craftnight: Week 12/13

For the past two CN's we decided to have them outside. For all 1-2 readers not in NY, it has been hot as F! During the summer weeks, L Magazine hosts a free Wednesday night movie at 8 pm. Last weeks movie was Romeo & Juliet (the Leo version, sigh).

Week 13's CN (no pics) was at Pier 54, a super narrow pier with a 40" blow up screen. The movie was District 9 (awesome). The highschool AV department didn't have a clue how to adjust the projector to see the needed subtitles. I've never seen so many people walk out of a movie before!

Next week: Jewels!