Craftnight 7: Macrame

Whenever I explain to people what Macrame is I tell them "it's tying knots with rope." I was so so wrong, Macrame is hard as f-ck! We came overly prepared with yarn, rope, every kind of string product imaginable and Amy printed us a booklet with what looked like easy-to-read instructions. We mostly gave up, although Amy proved to be craftiest and made a headband. I faked making a plant hanger that accidentally ended up in the trash. See Pics!

Bedroom Inspiration for Kalen




Craftnight: Week Six

Engraving! Nurit taught all of us to use an engraver. Thanks Nurit!!!!

Claire freshly manicured:

My new money clip! With all of our CN initials:

Roebling tea room copy cat-Radishes w/sea salt and Jacquelines super bomb ziti:

Our final project was to engrave a charm for each person present.

Metalliferous is a great place to pick up or order supplies and tools.

Next craftnight will be Macrame! (which actually already happened-for the one of you who has read this)


Hey Brooklyn!

The first of three Greenpoint Backyard Bazaar sales happened this past Saturday. It was put together by the folks at In God We Trust which is my new favorite store/store concept. They handmake most of their products in a studio out back from their store.

Saturday's bazaar was held in their perfectly placed and planted yard with a handful of designers' samples and vintage clothing. I am definitely going to visit their next two sales.




Dana Barnes has been on my mind a lot lately. She takes a basic crocheted Granny Square and creates a useful and beautiful cushion. With unspun Merino wool in the most stunning colors, Dana crochets the wool into magnified pieces and then hand felts them.


I love that she took this simple concept and created something truly exceptional.The NYT features an article about her here. Check out the slideshow of her craft and other projects in her NYC loft which drives me crazy with jealousy.


Craftnight: Week Five

I have to admit that Craftnight this week was one that I didn't think was going to be as successful as it turned out. The theme was: Draw your favorite rapper on a shirt!

Claire killed it with her Will Smith tee

Nurit gave Claire a tattoo of an aries sign,

Dan grilled smores and

I made Justin Bieber undies fit for a confused 12 year old




Terrariums: Dirt Don't Hurt!

The New York Times has run out of things to write about! This is also the best PR that Terrariums have ever received! READ IT HERE!

You can find really easy instructions on how to make one HERE!

OR, if you want instant gratification or you need a place to buy supplies, you can do all of this HERE!

Thursday Night Lights (Love Tim Riggins!)

Craftnight: Week Four

I know that people would rather not read a novel on a blog, but I’m going to give a bit of back story here. For the past four weeks, three girlfriends and I have been craft nighting. Our initial meet had no real plan of action. Bring a project you’re working on, relax, talk trash, snack, and feel productive (no bars).

The next two meets had similar agendas, but we came to a conclusion that we needed to start having themed nights. Hence, our first themed night: Tie Dye

I have endless project ideas that will make me 10’s of dollars, but I decided that I wanted to Tie-dye lots of sheet. I went to Ikea with Daniel and we bought tons of bed sheets.

We ended up tie-dying tighty-whiteys, v-necks, dishtowels, and oven mitts, wife beaters, a dress, etc. The end result was dyed black hands, and a huge mess! More Craftnight to come.